Once Upon A One More Time at Marquis Theater

Once Upon A One More Time TicketsOops… Broadway did it again! A jukebox musical filled with some of Britney Spears’ fantastic pop hits is live this year. Once Upon A One More Time isn’t all about Britney though, it takes on the classic tales from the brothers Grimm. The show offers an explosive extravaganza of catchy tunes, dancing princesses, and bright lights! If you’re looking to have a good time on Broadway, this show is definitely for you. Sit back, relax, and take in the irresistible music from Spears in this all-new musical.

Once Upon A One More Time is playing at the Marquis Theatre on 46th Street, New York City. Enjoy the show with all your friends and immerse yourself in the best Britney hits! Songs like “Crazy,” “Oops… I Did It Again,” and “You Drive Me (Crazy)” will all be there to make sure you’re all singing and dancing in your seats. Britney’s biggest hits. Broadway’s best night out. Oh baby, baby, you know you’re gonna love it! Tickets are available right here! Catch the catchiest Broadway production of this generation – Once Upon A One More Time – by grabbing tickets as fast as you can!

Once Upon A One More Time Tickets:

“It’s enough to make you scream and shout. Broadway gimme more!” – TimeOut New York

“It will leave you breathless. Expect to keep on dancin’ long after it ends!” – Entertainment Weekly

Marquis Theater Once Upon A One More Time

Get ready for a jukebox musical that’s rewriting the fairy tale rulebook – “Once Upon a One More Time.” This enchanting musical is all about the iconic songs made famous by Britney Spears and takes you on a magical journey through a fantasy storybook realm. After a successful tryout in Washington, D.C. in 2021, “Once Upon a One More Time” is finally hitting Broadway. The Marquis Theatre unfolded the magic of this dreamy musical on the 22nd of June, 2023.

The premise follows a reading group where fairy-tale princesses like Cinderella come together. But Cinderella, feeling a bit stuck in the same old stories, makes a desperate wish for something more. And guess what? A fairy godmother answers her call, introducing these beloved characters to none other than “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan. This powerful book sparks a feminist awakening among the likes of Snow White, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and the Princess and the Pea. They discover that there’s more to life than waiting around to be rescued or kissed by a prince. It’s a fresh perspective on ‘happily ever after,’ and it’s about to shake up the world of fairy tales.

“Born to make fans happy.” – New York Times

“A big, modern, musical dance party, with Britney’s beating heart at its core.” – ABC

“I’ve seen the show and it’s so funny, smart, and brilliant!” – Britney Spears

Once Upon A One More Time at Marquis Theater

“We could not be prouder of this beautifully joyous and exhilarating show—which is not only a love letter to Britney’s iconic artistry and singular effervescence, but also a brilliant display of the boundless talent of our cast and creative team,” the musical’s producers, James L. Nederlander and Hunter Arnold, said in a joint statement. “We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to this dream team of collaborators, performers, designers, staff, crew, and investors who continue to share our passion and joy for this project. As plans take shape for the show’s future life around the globe, we’re excited to share more news soon!”

With an A-list creative team, the Broadway production is sure to wow audiences. The book was written by Jon Hartmere alongside producers James L. Nederlander and Hunter Arnold. This year, it’s prepared to make its Broadway debut! Back in May 2017, they teased a musical filled with Britney Spears’ tunes. A year later, Britney herself swung by to catch the very first reading of this musical extravaganza. Talk about a seal of approval!

James L. Nederlander, the theater honcho, spilled the beans that “Once Upon a One More Time” was gonna rock the Nederlander Theatre in late fall 2019. This was before they had their eyes set on taking it to the Big Apple, New York City! On May 15, 2023, James L. Nederlander and Hunter Arnold dropped the bombshell – “Once Upon A One More Time” is officially Britney Spears-approved. The Grammy Award-winning singer Iherself gave it the green light, and the deal was signed post-conservatorship in 2022.

“an irresistible party!” – New York Theatre Guide

“Smart, funny, splendid to look at and all with a beat you can dance to!” – Deadline

Once Upon A One More Time

Variety wrote a review about the banging musical, and had nothing but good things to day. The review said, “Tackling gender roles and power dynamics never sounded as good as it does in “Once Upon a One More Time,” in which Spears’ songs are diligently retro-fitted to the message without sounding jimmied into place. When the mean stepsisters belittle Cinderella for her attempts at a leg up, Soltau and Hillner Larson go into hilarious, hardcore gangster-rap mode for the electro-pulsing “Work Bitch.” When the betrayed princesses find out about the cheating Charming’s unprincely ways, up comes a huffy “Womanizer.””

Britney Spears herself couldn’t be more excited about the show. She took it to her personal Instagram account to announce the show’s premiere, wishing the cast and crew the best of luck. She also shared that she had already seen the show, and it’s funny, smart, and brilliant. So, if you’re a fan of Britney Spears (like everyone else!) you definitely can’t miss out on this show! It’s taking you on an unforgettable ride with extravagant princesses who are trying to find their way in a modernized feminist world. 

“Don’t overthink it, just intoxicate yourself.” – Theatrely

Tickets to Once Upon A One More Time are on sale right now! If you want to secure your spots in the Broadway production, secure your tickets right now.