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Marquis Theatre - NY | New York, New York

The Wiz

Did you even realise your favourite musical is back on broadway for summer, 2024!? The legendary musical that has wowed audiences the world over, is getting 5 star reviews all round! If that wasn't already enough The Wiz is actually going to be hosted by the excellent Marquis Theatre, New York, New York, thats wonderful right? So put Wednesday 19th June 2024 in the planner and book the whole family in! June is going to be LIT! Its easy enough, just click 'buy' immediately! This could be your only chance!

We are anticipating all of the flamboyant costumes, the playful acting and all of the hit tracks from The Wiz! The summer, 2024 state wide tour comes to New York, New York on Wednesday 19th June 2024 and we are expecting all the great things we speak of...we all adore an uplifting bit of musical theatre and this one looks like it could be better than ever...if thats possible! Think of all the sell out performances historically....The Wiz is always such a huge hit and musical lovers snap tickets up well in advance! Expect this characteristic piece of theatrical mastermind to grace you with all three, dance and of course some intriguing dialogue, a tale you will have on your mind for some time after you depart the theatre on the top Wednesday evening of June! The Wiz will take place in the incredible and famous Marquis Theatre of New York, New York on Wednesday 19th June 2024. You can buy access FOR EVERY DATE this instant, simply click 'GET TICKETS' to bag yours and treat the kids!

The Wiz at Marquis Theatre - NY

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