Beetlejuice – The Musical at Marquis Theatre

Beetlejuice - The Musical Tickets

Marquis Theatre | New York, New York

Are you ready for the greatest production of Beetlejuice – The Musical at the breathtaking Marquis Theatre on Thursday 8th December 2022? We hope you are, because Alex Brightman leads an all-star cast that brings Tim Burton’s famous 1988 comedy to the Broadway stage. spectacular set designs, incredible costumes, and the best musical compositions round out this story of thrilling fun. You and hundreds of theatre-goers are sure to laugh and smile when you see the Broadway production that has blown away New York, New York ever since its opening night! Click the Buy Tickets button below to book your tickets today!

Beetlejuice - The Musical at Marquis Theatre

Only outstanding shows like Beetlejuice – The Musical could be hosted by the beautiful Marquis Theatre in New York, New York. You will know why when you come to visit this winter. Marquis Theatre is in a scenic section of New York’s theatre district in a theatre that offers all the amenities you could ask for. From classy red plush seats, plenty of escalators for guests to use, and a whole suite of nearby five-star restaurants and diners. And let us not forget that Marquis Theatre is renowned for having the favorite staff in all of New York, who are dedicated in making guests feel loved. In addition, Marquis Theatre has a history of welcoming the best and sold-out productions that visitors come from all across the state to see. And best of all, the theatre is large, allowing for epic productions, bigger sets, and bigger productions that many smaller venues can accomodate. So when you want big productions and shows Now’s your chance to check out Beetlejuice – The Musical live at Marquis Theatre in New York, New York.

Beetlejuice - The Musical at Marquis Theatre

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